Get Laser Focused Here

Get Laser Focused Here


Scott Keeney chose Clark County to found his semiconductor laser technology business in 2000.

After serving as CEO of Aculight which was sold to Lockheed, the Harvard MBA and former McKinsey & Company consultant decided to build the high-power semiconductor and fiber laser business in the Silicon Forest semiconductor cluster.

nLIGHT now makes the industry’s brightest and most advanced lasers for industrial, microfabrication, aerospace and defense sectors.  nLIGHT lasers are used in a wide range of important applications – from manufacturing smart phones and electric vehicles to measuring the changing of the changing elevation of the earth’s ice sheets on the NASA ICESat-2 satellite.

The company went public in 2018 (NASDAQ: LASR), and now has 1,000 employees and operations in the U.S, China, Italy, South Korea and Finland, with annual sales above $200M.

“SW Washington has been a great place to build our company”

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